Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kvällen Är Din - Being in the audience

Well that was cool! Really cool! Now I know (...yes it's here I belong... oops! sorry! too much Sanna yesterday! hahaha) it's a lot funnier being in the audience than watching the show at home! And that's because that they have to record every act over and over again if there's even a tiny mistake! And Martin Stenmarck made quite a few of them. He was really nervous but he has a great sense of humor and I laughed a lot every time he couldn't remember his words!

Well the main reason for which I went to the show was Sanna Nielsen. I saw on her facebook page that she would perform on the show and that we could be in the audience. No way I'm gonna miss that! Well I don't know if I'm allowed to give any details since the show hasn't been aired yet so I'll just tell you that Sanna sang two songs and she had to perform them both twice due to some minor mistakes. That's why I loved being there! All of you (well the Swedes and some of you) will watch her performing them once but I got to see her twice! Hahaha 

I'm ready to do it again! Even if there's no one famous artist there (well Martin will always be there since he's the host). This was pure fun!

And here's a photo of Sanna and Martin.

PS Of course I took a photo with both of them and I did the en till, en till again! They both laughed! ;) hahahaha


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