Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ESC 2011 - Reviewing the countries beginning with "B"

Belarus sends Anastasiya Vinnikova with the song "I Love Belarus" written by Evgeniy Oleynikov and Svetlana Geras'kova.
I like the rhythm in the chorus and generally I think it's a good song. But it won't grow on me. On the contrary, I think I will lose that little excitement I have for it. I don't see something "wow". Smart title though. If people like the song but they don't remember which country was all they have to do is look at the title. :P Haha aah alright.
Belarus competes in the 2nd semi-final with running order #16.
6pts from me and good luck to Belarus!

Belgium sends Witloof Bay with the song "With Love Baby" written by RoxorLoops and Benoît Giaux.
Ehm did Cosmos make a comeback or what? Horrible!! I remember disliking the latvian entry back in 2006 but this is much worse! Do they seriously expect to do well? Well good luck with that! Oh my God!! Just horrible!
Belgium competes in the 2nd semi-final with running order #4.
0pts from me and good luck to Belgium!

Bosnia & Herzegovina sends Dino Merlin with the song "Love In Rewind" written by Dino Merlin.
Pretty decend song but really not my thing. Not a song that I will listen again and again. It will be a nice moment during the semi and the final - if he makes it - but that's all. But for some reason I think he will actually do well. But I said I won't make any guesses... hehe
Bosnia & Herzegovina compete in the 2nd semi final with running order #1.
4pts from me and good luck to Bosnia & Herzegovina!

Bulgaria sends Poli Genova with the song "Na Inat" written by Poli Genova, Sebastian Arman, Boris Milanov and David Bronner.
I am dying!! I love this! Finally a great song! Bulgaria did it again! For second year in a row they send a song that I totally like! And this year they keep it entirely in bulgarian! Thank God! They deserve a top 10 this year! If not top 5! The only thing that I slightly dislike is Poli's high vocals on the chorus ("Kolko možem da dostignem") but that's all. The music is freaking fantastic!
Bulgaria competes in the 2nd semi-final with running order #10.
10pts from me and good luck to Bulgaria!


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