Friday, April 29, 2011

ESC 2011 - Reviewing the countries beginning with "T", "U"

The Netherlands send 3JS with the song "Never Alone" written by Jaap Kwakman, Jan Dulles and Jaap de Witte.
Mediocre song. I prefer the dutch version but even that one isn't so good for my taste. However I remember watching the dutch NF and I wanted this one to win. Well I hope they finally make it to the final.
The Netherlands compete in the 2nd semi-final with running order #3.
4pts from me and good luck to the Netherlands!
Turkey sends Yüksek Sadakat with the song "Live It Up" written by Kutlu Özmakinacı and Ergün Arsal.
I didn't like this at the beginning but it grew on me. Still not one of my favourites and it won't be one of my favourites in the future. I just like the chorus quite a lot but unfortunately that's all. 
Turkey competes in the 1st semi-final with running order #5.
5pts from me and good luck to Turkey!
Ukraine sends Mika Newton with the song "Angel" written by Maryna Skomorohova and Ruslan Kvinta.
Hm...ok I like it. But it's not a song that I will listen to over and over again. It's too slow...but I really like it. It's a beautiful song and I like Mika's voice. I have it on repeat now (as I do with every song I comment) and it keeps growing on me. That's a good sign but whatever, I never vote! :P Hahaha Well I only voted in 2006 and 2008 but that's it. Never again (yeah yeah never say never).
Ukraine competes in the 2nd semi-final with running order #6.
6pts from me and good luck to Ukraine!
United Kingdom sends Blue with the song "I Can" written by Liam Keenan, Ian Hope, Ben Collier, Ciaron Bell, Duncan James and Lee Ryan.
OK UK decided to take the contest seriously after Germany's victory last year. Blue for the UK! Honstestly I don't know any of their songs. I just knew that there's a group called Blue. But I like their song. Not a winner for me but it's one of the best in this year's edition. OK so they have Blue, they have the Olympics, they have the Royal wedding. UK is on the spotlight right now. Will they get the prize? Hope not. There are other songs that I like much more than this.
United Kingdom competes in the final with running order #14.
8pts from me and good luck to the United Kingdom!

So that was it! I'm done and I'm done right on time! On Sunday begin the rehearsals! Now we're talking! That's the most important. Screw the odds and bettings and stuff like this. It all comes down to the rehearsals.
Oh and if you have any problem with me putting the Netherlands to the countries beginning with "T" and not with "N", well I did that because when it comes to ESC I always write the Netherlands so I had to put the country in the "T"s.


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