Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ESC 2011 - Dana International meeting Jean Paul Gaultier

This is so cool! Before I start I would like to thank Jason who provided me with this info and photos! He forwarded me an email from Dana's manager and that's how I got everything.

And since you're reading this, that means you are a eurofan so please take a look at Jason's blogs! Well eurofan or not you'll find some really interesting and rare Eurovision material! 

Take a look! Trust me it's worth it! ;)

And now let's get back to Dana! I will show you what the manager said to Jason. I will not entirely copy-paste the mail but I will give you the most important info and of course the photos!

13 years ago, Jean Paul Gaultier and Dana International celebrated her victory with her dramatic wings dress... this week Dana flew from Israel to meet Jean Paul Gaultier to check out some dresses for the Eurovision 2011. 
Days After Dana won the Israeli pre-eurovision contest she recieved a call from Jean Paul Gaultier, he invited her to France to meet with him and look for the perfect dress for the contest. She took a plane to France this week and the two have met and the dress was chosen.
After hours of fittings and checking out his studio with all the amazing dresses, Dana has chosen 2 dresses... you will be able to see them for the first time in the evening of the Eurovision!

So there you go! Shit! Dana chose 2 (!!) dresses! That either means she will change dress if she makes it to the final or if she wins! Just as she did in 1998!! I am so excited! :D 

And now the photos!!

Click on the photos to enlarge them but remember: you will have to leave the blog. So I suggest you right click on them and then open in new tab.


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