Monday, March 21, 2011

En till, en till!

I speak swedish. Not fluently and I understand more than I can say. But whatever I do, wherever I go here in Sweden I speak swedish. Except for when I meet famous people. That's where I have to speak english because they don't have all day for me. So when I meet them (sometimes) I am quite nervous so I can't try to speak swedish. I have to be fast because there are people waiting to meet them. Plus, it's a good thing to show them that they have fans outside Sweden. So we have our conversations in english. And then comes the time for a photo! In 90% of those meetings I am alone so I have to ask someone else to take the photo. So we take the first photo and then I say to that person "en till, en till!" (one more, one more!) and for some reason whoever I'm taking the photo with, repeats that and laughs (not at me!). I did this twice! Once with Andreas Lundstedt and once with Linda Bengtzing! They both repeated "en till, en till" and they both laughed! I know it's not wise to say everyone does that coz I did it only twice but hey, I've got 2/2! I should try this again but this time with not-so-crazy artists. Both Andreas and Linda are crazy (in a good way!) so...

But seriously is it so funny? Or I guess they're thinking "she doesn't speak swedish but she knows how to ask for a second photo!" hahaha. Oh I don't know...


Mitt alter Ego - Doris said...

Haha :) Det var roligt.


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