Monday, March 14, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Eric Saade won!

A night I never wanted to end! The best night of my life! Well almost coz the result isn't the ideal. OK. First things first. The winner!

Eric Saade with "Popular" won!
See the full results here.

I don't know where to start! Living the final's experience was just AMAZING! Globen was full! There was such a panic after every performance! Needless to say that my two favourites were Linda Bengtzing and Sanna Nielsen! And believe it or not I predicted their 12 points! Sanna got two (for a moment I was glad to be Greek! The greek jury gave 12 points to Sanna!) and Linda got one. But the fun part was after the final! I won't comment the songs one by one coz I liked them all tonight (strange!). The only song that didn't make me get up was Nicke Borg's! I even enjoyed The Moniker's song! This song annoys me but tonight I enjoyed it! To the fun part now!

So after it was over I stayed in the arena until they told us to leave. Just after exiting the arena (I was still in the building but not where the final was held) I saw Joakim Ramsell (Sanna's boyfriend). I thought "he's probably waiting for Sanna" so I stayed there. But he left after a few minutes so I left too. At the exit (of the building this time :P) I saw Lena Philipsson! I was shocked! There were just a couple of her people around her so it was easy to take a photo! Yes! A photo with Lena PH! 

I decided to leave but while leaving I found the entrance to the efterfest (party). Some people were there waiting for the artists to arrive, get photos etc. I joined them. And because of that I took 5 photos! :D And I saw many other artists that I didn't really care about. Hehe But I didn't get a photo with Brolle coz he was in a hurry. Actually it wasn't his fault. He stopped to take a photo but there was a guy there who dragged him inside! Duh! And unfortunately I didn't see Linda Bengtzing

First photo with Loreen! We also had a nice 1-minute conversation! 
- Hi Loreen! Can we take a photo?
- Sure where are you from?
- From Greece.
- Oh I love Greece! 
- You were my winner.
- Oh thanks. You have a really good taste. *laughs*
- I know! Sweden doesn't!
- *laughs*

Hahahaha Amazing Loreen!

Second photo with Shirley's Angels! And at this point I want to really really thank Vera Prada! She and Jessica Marberger arrived together. There were many people there and they had to go inside. Shirley Clamp arrived a minute later but because of the many people asking for autographs and photos their friends and co-workers tried to take the Angels inside but Vera was the one who told Shirley and Jessica to get a photo with me. I guess when they know that a fan isn't from Sweden, they don't want to let them down coz who knows when it will be the next time! So, THANK YOU VERA!

Third photo with Sebastian. Nothing special happened here. Just a photo.
Fourth photo with Måns Zelmerlöw! Again nothing special happened.

Fifth photo with my lovely Sanna Nielsen
Well I wasn't planning to take a photo with Sanna coz I will meet her tomorrow. Ehm today? Whatever! I just stopped her to say "hi".
- Hey Sanna!
- Hey Ifi! You wanna take a photo right? 
(again too many people there!)
- No no! Go! I'll do it tomorrow!
- But it's ok. Lotta (a friend of hers) can take the photo.
(could I really say no there? hahaha)
- Thank you Sanna! See you tomorrow!
- *laughs* See you tomorrow!

Adorable or what?

Wow! Just wow! Now that I'm done with the "after final" things (good coz I didn't want to forget the dialogs!) should I go back to the final? Well nothing special comes to mind! I had the time of my life! And time went by soooo fast! :( And somewhere at this point I realise that there won't be any Melodifestivalen next Saturday! It's over! We have to wait another year! This s u c k s ! Really!

Prediction to Eric's outcome in ESC? Well I'm afraid to say top 5 so I will say top 10 but I'm hopping for the best! He will have problem with the vocals AND with the glass! I was there! I saw how long it took them to clean the stage! The 30 seconds in ESC are not enough! But on the other hand maybe they took their time since Eric was the last one to perform. I don't know... I hope they figure something out until then!
And now a question that is everywhere right now. Did the right song win? No! The right song was Loreen's! And if I had to choose another song from the final I said I wanted Linda or Sanna!

No matter what good luck to Eric!


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