Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ESC 2011 - Eric Saade won't have the glass cage in Dusseldorf (?)

© Magnus Sandberg

This is old news but I wanted to comment that. It's everywhere! Right after his victory on Saturday, Eric Saade said to the press that he will fight until the end to keep his glass cage in Dusseldorf because it is a big part of the story of his song (ehm right whatever). One day later he says that the glass cage isn't so important and that he has a thousand new ideas. Are you kidding Eric? But I don't blame him. I blame SVT and Christer Björkman! They knew the glass cage wouldn't be allowed by EBU and yet they let him use it. But of course this is Melodifestivalen. Cleaning the glass takes too long but Björkman was the one to choose the running order of the semi and the final so he placed Eric last and the cleaning was no longer a problem.

So Sweden. You were deceived big time! I hope you are happy now. Just watch once again Eric Saade breaking the glass cage because you won't see that in ESC! You voted for something that is not allowed in ESC!

So I will say it again and I hope someone from SVT is out there reading this post.
Melodifestivalen must have the same rules as Eurovision! And that means 6 instead of 8 people on stage, LIVE backing vocals instead of pre-recorded and DO NOT ALLOW gimmicks that EBU will reject! End of story!


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