Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ESC 2011 - The final version of the israeli entry

So... We have Dana's final version of "Ding Dong". Mixed feelings... It definitely bacame more powerful however there was still room for more improvements! I still like it but I have a big objection! Where on earth is my intro?! The intro was the best part of the song and it's completely gone! That beautiful melody is gone and we don't hear it anywhere in the song! Oh Dana what have you done? Why did you remove it? I mean go ahead! Listen to the old version and see for yourself! That intro is fantastic! It makes you feel like you're gonna listen to a great song (even if the rest of it isn't so powerful and the new version could be even more powerful!).  

The bridge in the new version is much better. The chorus on the other hand hasn't been changed a lot... I had a completely different version in my mind when Dana said that she will add some beat on it. 

Is there anyone out there who can make a good mix of the new and the old version? Add that beautiful intro in the new version? Aaaaah! I want the intro in ESC!! :(

Israel is still in my top 5 but... oh well...


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