Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ESC 2011 - The bulgarian entry will be performed in bulgarian in Dusseldorf

Poli Genova, the singer representing Bulgaria in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest has release a new version of her Eurovision Song Contest entry Na Inat. As well as the new Eurovision version of the song, English and Spanish recordings will be released soon in the hope of gaining airplay on international radio stations prior to the contest. It has bee confirmed that Na Inat will be performed in Bulgarian at this year's contest in Germany. 

I'm really glad about this! In case you didn't notice I am eurofan that loves to see the songs being performed in native languages. I am totally fine with english (which I think is the best language on this planet) but when you choose a song in your language send it in your language! People, even if they are the only ones who understand the lyrics, loved it in bulgarian and voted for it. If you translate a song that they loved it in its original form, then you destroy it and you deceive them. The fact that you're translating the song in another language doesn't make the song as good as it used to be and definitely not better! Well maybe in extremely rare cases but some songs were written to be sung in the original language! 
So thank you Bulgaria and good luck! I just wish you kept Miro's song in bulgarian as well... :/ 


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