Monday, January 28, 2013

ESC 2013 - Petra Mede to host Eurovision!

Photo: Peter Knutson
I hate it when it happens! All the important news is revealed when I am at the uni! Of course I was checking my cell all the time so I found out about the hostess right away but I missed the entire press conference.

But it doesn't matter now. We got Petra Mede!!!!! Thank you SVT!! It was either Sarah Dawn Finer or Petra for me! I love love love Petra! Amazing sense of humour, great english and french so we have everything we need! God I'm so happy with this decision! The only right decision SVT has done so far!

Now please give us Lynda Woodruff in the green room and we're all set for 3 funny as hell nights! Plus, Europe will see that Lynda is just a character and nothing more. Coz some (maybe a lot) people didn't get this when she was announcing the swedish votes and thought that she's making fun of Azerbaijan. Of course I found it extremely hilarious since I knew about Lynda from mello's final. 

Anyway! PETRA MEDE people!! Wooohooo!  


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