Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DMGP 2013 - The full songs

The full songs are out! Listen to them HERE

1. Frederikke Vedel - Jeg har hele tiden vidst det (Pernille Georgi, Thomas Reil, Jeppe Reil)
Love it! Adore it! Pure schlager in danish!!

2. Brinck - Human (Niels Brinck)
Yeah I stick to the opinion I had a few days ago when I reviewed the teasers. I don't like this. Sorry Brinck!

3. Kate Hall - I'm not alone (Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin Larsson, Michelle Bell, Oscar Holter, Jakke Erixson, Simon Hermansen)
Like like like! Another schlager track! I get a mello vibe from this! Oh well! Scandinavia! ;)

4. Louise Dubiel - Rejs dig op (Casper Lindstad, Rune Braager, Louise Dubiel)
Listening to the full song didn't change my first impression. Don'

5. Daze - We own the universe (Thomas G:son, Peter Boström)
It's still a no. I get a mello vibe from this one as well but not a good one...

6. Simone Egeriis - Stay awake (Lars Halvor Jensen, Carsten Lindberg)
Damn! This was my favourite teaser. Now that I've heard the full version it's not anymore. I still like it. Especially the chorus but I'm a bit disappointed by the verses...

7. Jack Rowan ft. Sam Gray - Invincible (Achmad Darwich, Jack Rowan, Sam Gray)
I just listened to the entire song but nothing changed. It's still really meh.

8. Emmelie de Forest - Only teardrops (Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin Jakobsen, Thomas Stengaard)
Ok now that's good. And I like Emmelie's voice! In the previous post I said the chorus is too repetitive. Well it wasn't the entire chorus on that teaser they made public last week! So this gets a green light from me!

9. Albin - Beautiful to me (Brian Risberg Clausen, Mads Haugaard)
Cheese! But I like the chorus! The melody...

10. Mohamed Ali - Unbreakable (Morten Friis, Michael Parsberg, Peter Bjørnskov, Lene Dissing)
Another mello vibe! Good vibe! Like!

Ok we have some really nice songs! For my taste, they are great. For Europe's taste, I don't know...
Well my winner is Frederikke! She got those extra points by singing in danish and made it to the top! Schlagertastic song! Kate, Simone, Emmelie and Mohamed complete my top 5.

Just keep the song in danish please! If it's the winner!


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