Sunday, January 20, 2013

MGP 2013 - Qualifiers of first semi

So yeah. I got back from work at around 19:30 only to see on facebook several posts about MGP beginning in 20 minutes! I had totally forgotten about the first semi! I watched it but I got quite bored to be honest! Thank God Erik Solbakken was there! The songs were pretty meh. Some of them, horrible. Despite all that, I found a couple of songs that I kinda liked. They didn't make it of course!

I can't find Vidar's and Datarock's songs on youtube. Maybe they will take down "Alone" as well. I don't know if MGP has the same rules as Melodifestivalen. I suppose they do... Anyway the qualifiers are pretty bad. Maaaaybe Datarock have a little something but nah. Not my cup of tea. Didrik's little brother Emil didn't impress me. Actually I hate all that growling in the song! Which is not Emil's fault but overall I really don't like "Alone"! As for Vidar, such a crap song! Again, for my taste! I don't know if the rockabilly lovers like this. I don't!

If I had to pick the three qualifiers I'd send to the final Julie Bergan, Carina Dahl (I'm not sure she can sing live though. Her performance was like a pure playback!) and Tom Hugo. Mimi's song has a nice beat but the lyrics are... Well let's say I don't really like songs promoting sex in that way...

PS Sorry about the links guys. The synch is pretty bad but that's I could find on youtube right now. 


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