Friday, February 21, 2014

Spain: The candidates, the songs, the NF

It's been a couple of weeks since the songs were announced but this year I'm too busy with Melodifestivalen that I didn't have the time to blog about Spain's NF. However, I did listen to the songs the day they came out. So tomorrow at 22:00 CET is the final in Barcelona. Thank God it's after mello's semi!

So, the songs!

Brequette - Run (Más)
Spain, this is your entry! I love it! I just wish there was more Spanish instead of English in the song but either way it's amazing! And out of the 5 it's the only one that can bring Spain a place in the top 10. Even a top 5 place! Such a powerful ballad! Tony Sánchez and Thomas G:son did it again! Please Spain pick this one!

Jorge González - Aunque Se Acabe El Mundo
Classic Spanish summer hit! I get a Eurovision vibe but this would have worked 7-8 years ago. Definitely not in 2014. That doesn't mean I won't be listening to it!

La Dama - Estrella Fugaz
Yes I want Brequette to represent Spain but "Estrella Fugaz" is my favourite out of the 5! I adore it! It's all in Spanish, great beat, summer sound, Eurovision vibe! But once again, this should have come 7-8 years earlier. Now it's too late.

Raúl - Seguir Sin Ti
A nice ballad but I'm not crazy about it. And there's really not much to say here. It is such a familiar sound so I don't think it will work in ESC...

Ruth Lorenzo - Dancing In The Rain
I'm kinda disappointed... I was expecting something better from Ruth. More Spanish lyrics please (who am I kidding?)!! There are a few good moments in the song but other than that I find it boring. However I think this is the second best choice for Spain.

So this year Spain has the best final! Songwise. Yeah 3 kinda dated songs but I love 2 of them and the third is also nice. But there's only one right choice for Spain and that's Brequette!! So vote wisely mis amigos!

About tomorrow's final, THANK GOD Anne Igartiburu is back!! Love her! Once again, there will be a jury and this year the members are Monica Naranjo, David Bustamante and Merche! Looking good! Can't wait until tomorrow!


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