Friday, February 7, 2014

Melodifestivalen 2014 - Rehearsals of the second semi

So, rehearsals of semi two!

JEM - Love Trigger
I think I like the song but their voices are so indifferent and bland. There's nothing special about JEM. Not when they perform "Love Trigger" at least...

The Refreshments - Hallelujah
No, definitely not my cup of tea. This would be the perfect toilet break but I never do that while Melodifestivalen or Eurovision is on. So it's gonna be really boring for me. It's good to have diversity in the contest but at least give us some good songs of each genre.

Manda - Glow
I think I like this... It's really nothing special but ok... I can see it making it to andra chansen. 

Panetoz - Efter Solsken
Ok... Just ok. Enjoyable song but it can't make it that far I'm afraid...

Pink Pistols - I Am Somebody
Now you can't have a mello without a drag act right? Ah sure you can but still... I actually like the chorus quite a lot but generally it's not a song I'd listen to outside the mello bubble.

Sanna Nielsen - Undo
Ladies and gentlemen here is our first finalist! There's something in the chorus that kinda bugs me but the verses are amazing! At least what we've heard so far! It's not an "Empty Room" but it's really good!

Little Great Things - Set Yourself Free
I wasn't expecting that kind of song by Little Great Things! I was expecting a teen pop or something. Well I hadn't read or heard any of their comments on the song or the music they do. The song is actually ok but not my thing.

Martin Stenmarck - När Änglarna Går Hem
Thank you Martin for not entering with something like "Las Vegas"! This is so much better! I like it! It's really a Martin Stenmarck song!

Well it looks like that Sanna and Martin will sail to the final without a problem. But hey! It's the Swedish who vote here! ;) And finally February 8th is here! Well almost here! First row for me in the live tomorrow! :D


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