Saturday, February 15, 2014

Melodifestivalen 2014 - Third semi - Results

Photo: Olle Sporrong
Worst semi of the year. Period. When they announced the 5 first finalists I thought they were showing us the fake results of the dress rehearsal but no! It's actually Oscar Zia ("Yes We Can") and Ace Wilder ("Busy Doin' Nothing") who made it to Friends Arena. I'm fine with Oscar but I don't think I'll be able to listen to Ace's song live. It's horrble! Like an American teen song performed at a college party (before or after State Of Drama's song).

And yes, State Of Drama ("All We Are") and Outtrigger ("Echo") made it to andra chansen. Eew.

5. Dr. Alban & Jessica Folcker - ”Around The World”
6. Shirley Clamp – ”Burning Alive”
7. CajsaStina Åkerström – ”En Enkel Sång”
8. EKO – ”Red”

By the time we knew the first 5 who were through I wanted Oscar and Dr Alban & Jessica Folcker to Friends. Generally I think I'd go with Dr Alban & Jessica and EKO to the final. I really liked "Red".

The rest of the show was also boring. They brought back Björn Gustafsson. Generally I love Sweden's sense of humour but Björn? No. I hate him.

I can't say anything else really. I'm waiting for next Saturday and Alcazar to rescue mello! 


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