Thursday, February 20, 2014

Melodifestivalen 2014 - Rehearsals of the fourth semi

Finally! The semi I waited for the most is here! Well, the rehearsals. But still!

Alcazar - Blame It On The Disco
I must have watched this 1-minute clip 30 times since they put it online. Maybe more. Seriously! I don't know if I like it more than "Stay The Night" but I love it. But yeah how can I like it more. I've been listening to "Stay The Night" non stop for the last 5 years. "Blame It On The Disco" is brand new, plus it's only one minute of the song. Anyway, Alcazar are back! Making a fab entrance inside a giant discoball coming from the roof! The choreo is fab! This time they dance non stop during the entire song! There are moments where I get that Eurovision vibe that is so hard to explain, so I won't. Alcazar to win mello!

I.D.A. - Fight Me If You Dare
No these kind of songs are not my thing. And after Alcazar's performance I doubt I'll even pay attention to this!

Janet Leon - Hollow
Janet tries something different this year. I like the chorus a lot. Though Janet isn't doing much on stage. At least not in this one minute. And yes, I think I like the song!

Ammotrack - Raise Your Hands
Why do we have so many rock/metal (whatever) songs this year? Where is schlager???? I don't like this! At all!

Josef Johansson - Hela Natten
I've read some pretty positive reviews about Josef and his song but I don't really see the reason why... Ok song I guess. Some extra points for singing it in Swedish but not really my thing.

Linda Bengtzing - Ta Mig
Hm... Yeah of course I wasn't expecting a schlager song since it's Nicke Borg who wrote this but it's good! I like it! And what can I say? I love Linda! To Friends please!

Ellinore Holmer - En Himmelsk Sång
I would say that we have our 8th place but I won't. I mean the Swedes sent "Songbird" to Friends! Both songs make me sleepy so no, I don't like this either!

Anton Ewald - Natural
So yes, they took last year's choreo and put it in a much worse song than "Begging". At least "Begging" was catchy. "Natural" is pretty crappy and definitely so forgettable! Anton is still a horrible singer. Why can't he just dance (he should stop grabbing his crotch that often though)? Unfortunately these crazy 15-year-olds will vote like hell for him. -.-

So yes. Alcazar to win Melodifestivalen 2014! Period


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