Thursday, February 13, 2014

Melodifestivalen 2014 - Rehearsals of the third semi

Yeah I didn't blog about the results of the 2nd semi but you already know what happened. I'm so glad Sanna made it to the final! I liked Panetoz, Martin was ok even though I expected him to be the second finalist and JEM were also good. And big "thanks" to Sean Banan for ruining a true classic. -.- Herreys were great as always! Met them after the semi! :)

So, rehearsals of the third semi!

Outtrigger - Echo
Good news, it's the first song we're gonna hear. Bad news, everything else! I don't think I can listen to the entire song. Unfortunately, I will have to.

EKO - Red
Yeah after "Echo" anything else sounds so much better! But I don't know about this one... It's ok but I can't tell a lot from that one minute.

Oscar Zia - Yes We Can
I don't think I will ever become a fan of every cute boy that attracts all the teen girls... Oscar is not bad. His voice is nothing special. The song is ok-ish. Semi 3 isn't looking that promising so far...

Shirley Clamp - Burning Alive
No! No Shirley! What happened to schlager-Shirley? Where is she? Bring her back! I need to listen to the entire song before I can say something more but I was expecting something else. :(

State Of Drama - All We Are
Just like those hundreds American bands who are playing at college parties. There's nothing special about the song. It feels like we've heard it so many times before...

CajsaStina Åkerström – En Enkel Sång 
I got bored! So bored! Snoozefest! Enough said! 

Ace Wilder - Busy Doin' Nothing  
Another song that escaped from the States and made it to Sweden. What on earth is going on in that semi?! 

Dr Alban & Jessica Folcker - Around The World  
I found a song I kinda like but I'm not crazy about it. 

Yeah, definitely the worst semi! I have no idea what's gonna happen! 


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