Thursday, February 6, 2014

Melodifestivalen 2014 - First semi - Results

Photo: Lindwall Sven
I don't know what's wrong with me this year... :S The truth is that there is a lot of work to do with Paparizou's interviews. I need to translate them from Swedish to Greek for the official fan club. I had promised a post about Friday's dress rehearsal but I got back home at 3am, slept at 5am and was at work from 11am to 7pm so there was no point and no time to blog about it. Anyway...

Oh Sweden... You never get it right (except for 2012). To the final made it Ellen Benediktson ("Songbird") and Yohio ("To The End Of The World"). Really? Ok Yohio's place to the final was more than expected but Ellen? The song is too boring for my taste.

To andra chansen we have Helena Paparizou ("Survivor") and Linus Svenning ("Bröder"). Are you deaf Sweden? What on earth is Helena doing in andra chansen? She should have easily sailed to the final! By far the best song, vocals and performance! I don't get how you guys are thinking when it comes to voting! Linus was fine. I still don't like the song but whatever.

5. Elisa Lindström – ”Casanova”
6. Alvaro Estrella – ”Bedroom”
7. Mahan Moin – ”Aleo”
8. Sylvester Schlegel – ”Bygdens son”

What is Alvaro doing in the 6th place? The catchiest song of the night. Yes, pretty bad lyrics but the melody is catchy as hell! Had "Bedroom" been sung by a guy like Saade or Ewald, it would have been to the final before we even got to listen to it!

My ideal results would have been like this: Helena and Alvaro to Friends, Elisa and Mahan to andra chansen.

The rest of the night was ok. I liked the intro and there were some funny moments. Nour seemed to be very nervous during the entire evening. I don't know if it was because of the first dress rehearsal on Friday coz they had a lot of technical problems! But they should have fixed them in the second dress rehearsal on Saturday...

Let's see what will happen this week. Hopefully I will blog about it later tonight...


mschiau said...

its simple. she goes to andra chansen so people will watch andra chansen too... its for audience. she had the best song of the semifinal but it didnt count

Ifi said...

Why not send Yohio to ac?

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