Thursday, June 2, 2011

I officially can speak swedish now

Well the title is just a sentence. Or you'd better focus on the word "officially" because in real life it's not (so) true. In my case 4th time's the charm! I took the TISUS test for the first time in November 2009. I failed in all three parts. I took the test again in May 2010 and I passed the reading and the oral parts. I took the test again (only the writing part) in November 2010 and I failed. I had one more chance to take just the writing part. If I'd fail on this one I would have to take all three parts again. And here we are in May 2011 (well June 2nd). On 10th May 2011 I took the test for the 4th and apparently last time because I PASSED! I passed! And I am DONE with this! Finally! F I N A L L Y ! ! And to get back to my first two sentences, the fun part is that I still can't speak swedish! (I hope those at the uni don't read this!) At least I can't speak swedish in the level of TISUS. How did I pass? God knows that! Well I guess it's because it's different when you write and when you have the time to think what you're gonna say. But since I now live in Sweden I'll get better.

And now some notes!
So bottom line is that I should ALWAYS include ESC and/or Melodifestivalen every time I take a test! May 2010 my oral part of TISUS was music-eurovision-melodifestivalen! I can talk about ESC and MF for hours! May 2011 my essay topic was about internet-illegal downloads and stuff. So in 2010 AND 2011 we didn't get ANY DVDs of MF so I downloaded all the semis and the final illegal! Not my fault! It's SVT's fault! ‎(oh and I mentioned that in my oral part last year!). So I had what to write and what to talk about! Not to mention that in 2010 in my oral part I said that Sweden voted for the wrong song (no matter how much I like "This Is My Life") and there you go! 2 weeks later Sweden failed to make it to the final! And then people tell me I am obsessed with ESC and Mello! Well I know what I'm doing! 8-)

And well...the test this year was on May 10th! The date of the 1st semi-final! Oh Eurovision! <3 
Bottom line 2! November is not my month! :P May on the other hand was and will always be my month! It's the ESC month, it's my birthday month, it's the 5th month and 5 is my lucky number! In 2005 Greece won. In May. With 230 points. 2+3=5... It was the 50th ESC... Ok I'm getting this too far but you got my point! :P Hahahaha

Oh well! What else can I say?

I PASSED!!!!!!!!

Now the next step is getting accepted in uni! Fingers crossed for that! For now I am relieved and I'm going to enjoy the next few weeks.


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