Saturday, June 25, 2011

ESC 2012 - Misija Evrovizija for Slovenia

Following Finland's decision to leave their well-known National final format for a new talent show, RTVSLO, the Slovene broadcaster, has decided to do the same. A new talent show, called Misija Evrovizija (Mission: Eurovision) will find the one who will represent Slovenia in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest that will be held in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan.
The show will kick off on October 2nd, and it will have three stages:
  1.  During the end of summer, qualification rounds will take place in various cities around Slovenia: Celje, Maribor, Koper, Kranj and Ljubliana.
  2. Auditions will mark the official start of Misija Evrovizija.
  3. TV Shows, where the participants will be eliminated with a combination of televoting and jury-votes, until the winner will be found.
  4. The Grand Final will be held in the end of January, and will be traditionally called EMA.

Ok... so we won't have an EMA. At least not one as the previous years. From what I get the Grand Final will be held to choose the song, no? No3 says that the winner will be found from tv shows and stuff so the way I see it, that winner will sing a few songs in the Grand Final (EMA) in order to give the Slovenes the chance to vote for the song they want to send to Baku.

What I don't like is that there won't be any well known artists... The rules say that those who apply mustn't have a contract with a record label. Which means no Nina Pušlar next year!! :O Oh no! No big Slovene artists at all! I was hoping for Nina or a comeback from Rebeka Dremelj maybe... I want a comeback from many euroartists! Well, that's not happening next year. 

2009, disappointment. 2010 DISASTER! 2011 back to my top! 2012? Hope they stay in my top!

Good luck sLOVEnia!


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