Monday, June 6, 2011

Save the planet! Yeah right.

I'm sure many of you have thought about this topic the way I do. So what's the real reason for trying to save our planet? All these organizations like Greenpeace and WWF are trying to save the planet and the animals on it but what they're really trying to do is saving the human kind! Now don't get me wrong. I'm not against them. On the contrary, I support what they do because they're saving lives (talking about the animals and the plants here). But what I'm saying is that everything happens for us. To save us. Even if it's done subconsciously. "We are trying to save our planet". Well we're not. Because even if we die, the planet will still be here. There won't be any kind of life on it but after what? A hundred thousand years? One million years? It will get back to normal. Perhaps new life will be created. So stop saying "save the planet". Of course now you can say to me "and what should we say? Save our lives? It's so selfish". Well it is but that's the truth. Whether we like it or not. Personally I try to "think green" but as I said, subconsciously, I'm doing this to save myself! 

But the point is that we did this to us. WWF was founded in 1961, Greenpeace was founded in 1971. Why weren't we trying to save the planet earlier? Huh? I guess those organizations were founded when we started realising the harm we do to "our planet and the animals" (i.e TO US!). "If we don't do something now, in 150 years the human kind will be extinguished!". I'm sure that's pretty much the story of all of this. 

I am not saying that Greenpeace or WWF shouldn't exist. I just wanted to share my thoughts about this topic. And because saving the human kind and not caring about the animals or the plants is so selfish we are hiding the real reason behind the last two. And once again, the most important word: "subconsciously"! ;)


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