Sunday, June 5, 2011

ESC 2012 - The german NF goes Melodifestivalen! (?)

Unconfirmed reports from our Message Board state that talks came to an end yesterday between German national broadcaster NDR and Brainpool, the production company run by Stefan Raab, which will see the German selection process for Eurovision 2012 go a bit Swedish.

It appears that Brainpool's music division had asked artists if they would consider appearing in a selection process with semi-finals, and enough positive reactions were received to make the idea feasible. If the news turns out to be true, the result is likely to be four semi-finals of 6-8 songs each broadcast on Pro7, with some of these proceeding direkt nach Hamburg (or perhaps Berlin, or Bremen, or Osnabrück) for a final broadcast on Das Erste.

Labels are now asked to submit suitable songs and artists to Brainpool, where a committee will pick the competing songs. There may also be wildcards or specially invited acts along with those from the submission process, with further details to be confirmed.

This decision comes several years after it was reported that NDR had purchased the Melodifestivalen show format from Sweden broadcaster SVT.

That's great! If it's true!! Two Melodifestivalens!! :D Of course the german one won't be like the original but I love that format! Give me as much music as you can!! Many semi-finals until the big final! Oh please let it be true!!!


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