Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ESC 2013 - Reviewing the countries beginning with "U"

Ukraine sends Zlata Ognevich with the song "Gravity" written by Mikhail Nekrasov and Karen Kavaleryan.
I kinda overlooked this. It's better than I thought. I'm not crazy about it but ok, I like it. I really like the music and Zlata's voice. However it feels like it never ends. 3 minutes and yet it sounds like it's much more...
Ukraine competes in the 1st semi-final with running order #7.

5pts from me and good luck to Ukraine!

United Kingdom sends Bonnie Tyler with the song "Believe In Me" written by  Desmond Child, Lauren Christy and Christopher Braide.
Last but not least, the UK! The biggest name of the year! Who would have thought that Bonnie Tyler would enter Eurovision! The song is not really my cup of tea but I'm ranking it much higher than many others! Maybe because it's Bonnie? I don't know... I'm really interested in seeing how the UK will do this year!
United Kingdom competes in the final. Running order TBA.

6pts from me and good luck to United Kingdom! 

And this is it! I'm done for the year. Next thing is my top 10 and I have to say that I changed my top 10 way too many times this year! Especially the ranking! It has never happened before!


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