Thursday, April 18, 2013

ESC 2013 - Reviewing the countries beginning with "B"

Belarus sends Alyona Lanskaya with the song "Solayo" written by Marc Paelinck and Martin King.
I listened to the song a few weeks ago and until a couple of hours ago I couldn't remember what it reminds me of. I hate it when this happens. But now I know! The chorus really reminds me of this! Anyway, I like the song but I'm not crazy about it. And I like Alyona too.
Belarus competes in the 1st semi-final with running order #11.

 5pts from me and good luck to Belarus!

Belgium sends Roberto Bellarosa with the song "Love Kills" written by Iain James and Jukka Immonen.
The final version is so much better! I tried to watch Belgium selection but it was too boring. The first time I listened to the song I said "no final for Belgium". Now they might have a chance... They also have a good draw.
Belgium competes in the 1st semi-final with running order #15.

5pts from me and good luck to Belgium!

Bulgaria sends Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov with the song "Samo Shampioni" written by Elitsa Todorova and Christian Talev.
I'm sorry Bulgaria but this is nowhere near "Voda". I don't like it and I have a feeling it won't do good. Plus the fact that Bulgaria chose another song (sorry don't remember the title. they all kinda sounded the same to me) but Elitsa didn't like it so they changed to "Samo Shampioni". Of course the average viewer won't have a clue about this...
Bulgaria competes in the 2nd semi-final with running order #7.

3pts from me and good luck to Bulgaria!


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