Friday, November 29, 2013

Alcazar - Back in full action!

Photo: Tess' instagram
Aah! They.Are.Back. And not only in Melodifestivalen! And that's the best part! They are 100% back! All three of them are fully focused on the group! They are going to release a new album!! When? No idea. I'm hoping sometime after Melodifestivalen, in spring. New album, new gigs, new interviews!! That comeback makes me wonder. When did they decide to come back? I think I read it on Aftonbladet or on Expressen that after the interval act last February they wanted to take part again. So those faces Andreas made while we were talking back then might have been actual hints! Or maybe not. And then they posted a couple of photos in the studio! The first one was in April if I recall correctly and the second one around September (?). Which could possibly mean that they were recording the mello song (in the last one)!

Melodifestivalen! I'm glad I waited until today to make this post coz Andreas blogged about it! He describes "Blame It On The Disco" as a real Alcazar-song and that we should be prepared for an amazing show! What else can I ask for? :D He also says that he'll be blogging all the time about their mello journey (of course!). Too excited already!

I'm just quite pissed at SVT. They put Helena in Malmö's semi (I might make it to the reheasal though) and Alcazar in Örnsköldsvik! Really? Why don't you send them to Kiruna next time? -.- So they have to make it to the final so I can get to see them performing in Friends Arena!

I guess that's all I wanted to say. For now. I hope I didn't forget about anything. Needless to say that I haven't stopped listening to them since yesterday, right?


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