Monday, November 26, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2013: The artists, the songs, the composers - Heats 3 & 4

So here we have the last 16 acts of Melodifestivalen 2013!

Semi-final 3, Skellefteå February 16th
  1. Eddie RazazAlibi (Peter Boström, Thomas G:son)
  2. Amanda Fondell- Dumb (Freja Blomberg, Fredrik Samsson)
  3. Ravaillacz (Körberg, Rabaeus, Malmberg & Ronander)En riktig jävla schlager (Kjell Jennstig, Leif Goldkuhl, Henrik Dorsin)
  4. State of DramaFalling (Göran Werner, Sebastian Hallifax, Emil Gullhamn, James Hallifax)
  5. Janet Leon - Heartstrings (Fredrik Kempe, Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad)
  6. Caroline af UgglasHon har inte (Heinz Liljedahl, Caroline af Ugglas)
  7. Martin Rolinski - In and out of love (Thomas G:son, Andreas Rickstrand)
  8. Elin PeterssonIsland (Elin Petersson)
Semi-final 4, Malmö February 23rd
  1. Ralf GyllenhammarBed on fire (Ralf Gyllenhammar, David Wilhelmsson)
  2. Therese FredenwallBreaking the silence (Terese Fredenwall, Simon Petrén)
  3. Behrang Miri - Jalla dansa salwa (Behrang Miri, Anderz Wrethov, Firas Razak Tuma, Tacfarinas Yamoun)
  4. Lucia PiñeraMust be love (Peter Kvint, Jonas Myrin)
  5. Army of Lovers - Rockin’ the ride (Alexander Bard, Henrik Wikström, Per QX, Andreas Öhrn, Jean-Pierre Barda)
  6. Ulrik Munther - Tell the world I’m here (Peter Boström, Thomas G:son, Ulrik Munther)
  7. Sylvia Vrethammar - Trivialiter (Thomas G:son, Calle Kindbom, Mats Tärnfors)
  8. Robin StjernbergYou (Robin Stjernberg, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, Joakim Harestad Haukaas)
Ok let's see... From semi 3 I'm looking forward to Amanda Fondell. I like her voice and for some reason I find the title of the song very promising...

Ravaillacz - oh my God! (Interpret this however you want...)

Comeback for Caroline af Ugglas and Martin Rolinski (BWO)... Caroline is crazy (in a good way!). I can't say I'm a fan but I like her as a person and I actually like her previous mello attempts. As for Martin... I don't like him so much although I love "Lay Your Love On Me".

Semi 4. Army of Lovers! Army of Lovers!!! Now that's the biggest surprise! AOL reunited! Well just 3 of them but still! I'll be honest here. I haven't heard many songs by them but I know they were huge back in the '90s! Besides it's Alexander Bard we're talking about! Really really interested in them!

And Ulrik Munther is back. I don't care actually. And I don't like his last year's attempt.

Now who's that Lucia Piñera? Spanish name so let's flag that entry! :P

Overall I'm not pleased by this year's line-up. Of course judging just by the artists since we haven't heard the songs but still...


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