Monday, November 12, 2012

ESC 2013 - The Swiss final line-up

Ok the first part is over. We know the 9 finalists of the Swiss NF. Lys Assia is not one of them! :( Damn! I liked the song. It's fun and that "Hello, how is the flow?" is epic! xD Oh well, there's always next year Lys!

I'm gonna make some comments on all songs. You can listen to all of them here.

Anthony Bighead: «Do The Monkey»
Do the monkey? Seriously? This sucks! I can't find anything positive!

Heilsarmee: «You and Me»
Ok I like this! I really like the chorus. It reminds me of something but I can't tell what... hm... 

Jesse Ritch: «Forever & a day»
I like this one too but it's nothing special. A nice song for the radio but not for ESC IMO.

Melissa: «The Point Of No Return»
Ok I think I found my winner. I know I have 5 more songs to listen to but I love this! And I love Melissa! She was my winner in the spanish NF in 2011 with "Eos"! Even though Lucia was in my top 3 in ESC, at first I didn't like her song. Anyway, vamos Melissa!

Carrousel: «J’avais Rendez-vous»
No, no, no! I don't like it and french is a big minus for me! I really dislike french (of course some songs are the exceptions!). Not a single thing I like in this song!

Nicolas Fraissinet: «Lève-toi»
Nothing special here either and totally forgetable. Next!

Nicolas Fraissinet: «Lève-toi»
Hm... ok-ish song. Same comments as "Forever and a day".

Ally: «Catch me»
Boring and quite repetitive. Too much noise in the chorus. I don't like it.

Chiara Dubey: «Bella Sera»
Sleeping pill! I saw the italian title and I was expecting something else but that's über-boring!

So I was right about Melissa! She's totally my winner! It's either her or Heilsarmee!


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