Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ESC 2012 - Details for the spanish selection

Ok so today we got (finally!!) some info! Pastora has already chosen two songs and the third one will be picked via an online poll. The voting will begin on Frebruary 15th at 12:00 CET and will end on February 20th at 12:00 CET. People will go to where the two songs will be uploaded and they will vote for their favourite. I wonder if we will be able to vote as well. I hope they don't do anything with the IPs...

The spanish final will be held on March 3rd.

Now about the songs... Apparently "No Me Da Miedo" (just watch at 3:32-4:02!!!) is out of the question... Song's composer said they didn't pick that. He said that people voted for it (on a previous online poll with all the songs of "Una Mujer Como Yo") because they wanted a ballad for Pastora. Plus, David De María, Pablo Alborán and David Ascanio sent songs to her so I guess she picked two songs by these composers and the 3rd will be a song from her album. Let's hope it's gonna be "A Tí" (watch at 4:16-4:30!!!).

Whatever they do I really really hope they go for a ballad. Pastora said the two songs she already picked are different. She wants to sing different styles in order to show us her abilities (no need to do that!).

We are totally going for a top 10! ;)


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