Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2012 - What type of songs are we gonna hear?

Alright SVT will create artist pages which will be updated more frequently in January. However some of them are already there. Not all of them are fully informed but in most of them the artists and composers describe the songs! They are in alphabetical order so I'm gonna go with it.

Abalone Dots
Photo: Sven Lindwall
They describe "På Väg" as a melancholic ballad with a love theme.

I'm not positive about it. You know I don't like ballads so it must be something really great in order for me to like it.

Photo: Anders Wiklund
Gladys describes "The Boy Can Dance" as a joyous, catchy glitter song!
Blossom as a discorama!
Kayo as a groovy disco tune!
The writers Johan and Catrine describe it as an old school disco anthem in modern clothes and a modern '70s disco ball with nightclub feeling like fireworks!

Oh. My. God. Are we looking at a "Never Let It Go" part II???? Sounds like it!!!! I AM FREAKIN' EXTATIC and I can't wait until February!!!! Oh my God!! DISCO! DISCO!! DISCOOOO!!!!! They're my winners! Period. I know Andreas (Lundstedt) and Magnus Carlsson are also competing but really I'm rooting for the girls! I will vote for Andy and Magnus and Loreen and and and. BUT BUT BUT Afro-Dite will definitely be my favourite. Besides Andy is competing with a ballad (keep reading) and no idea about Magnus' song BUT BUT BUT.

 Sonja Aldén
Photo: Sven Lindwall

Unfortunately there's no description for "I Din Himmel" but I'm almost sure it's gonna be ballad. If it's like "För Att Du Finns" I'm gonna like it. A lot.

Dead by April
Photo: Sven Lindwall

They describe "Mystery" as epic, modern pop/metal, the "heaviest" song in Melodifestivalen and as a punch in the face with a strong chorus.
Ehm ok... I can't say anything now. It's a mystery. ;)

Thorsten Flinck and Revolutionsorkestern
Photo: Sven Lindwall

They describe "Jag Reser Mig Igen" as a heavy song with both personal and universal text and as a good song in all contexts.
I can't think of what we're gonna hear. A ballad maybe?

David Lindgren
Photo: Sven Lindwall
There's no description about the song yet.
Photo: Sven Lindwall
No description about "Euphoria" either. Damn it! I wanted something!
EDIT: I found an interview where Loreen describes the song. "Dynamic. Cry Me a River-feelings. Ambient. A song that crawls under your skin." 

Oh God! Sounds great!!

Andreas Lundstedt
Photo: Sven Lindwall

Andreas describes "Aldrig" as a captivating melancholy in Swedish.
The writers describe it as a song to cry and dance to.
Doesn't it sound like a ballad to you? It is. I knew it ever since I saw the title. And the fact that it's in swedish sung by Andreas...totally a ballad. If it's like "Driver Dagg Faller Regn" then it's more than welcome! :D

Mimi Oh
Photo: Sven Lindwall

Mimi describes "Det Går För Långsamt" as a bombastic pop!
Niclas Lundin describes it as an honest and straight contemporary pop song with a clear legacy of the swedish '80s.
Sounds cool!
Ulrik Munther
Photo: Sven Lindwall
Ulrik describes "Soldiers" as a fresh pop/rock song with military feeling.
The writers describe it as a pop song that is about relationships and forgiveness.
All I say is watch out for him. :/
Sean Banan
Photo: Sven Lindwall
Sean describes "Sean Den Förste Banan" with the phrase "Everyone in Sweden can be/are the kings, even if it is in their own way".
The writers describe it as a good song without a quiet moment with Sweden's best artist.
Now why do I have a feeling it's gonna be a joke entry?

Marie Serneholt
Marie describes "Salt And Pepper" as a swinging upptempolåt with lots of spice.
Spicy song hehe. I am expecting a lot from Marie!

The Moniker
Photo: Sven Lindwall
Daniel (The Moniker) describes "I Want To Be Chris Isaak" as a song without genre and free in its revelation.
I'll just say don't let it be another "Oh My God"!!

Thomas Di Leva
Photo: Sven Lindwall
Thomas describes "Ge Aldrig Upp" as an uplifting energetic song with a message.

I never watched any performace or listened any song by Di Leva but I know who he is. I just don't think I'll like what he has to show us.

Photo: Sven Lindwall
Timoteij describe "Stormande Hav" as a hit and full of energy up-tempo song with Timoteij-touch!
The writers describe it as a folk/pop/schlager energetic song with irish garlands.

Yay! It sounds like another "Kom"!! Even though "Kom" will always be the lost chance for the Swedes to win Eurovision!
Top Cats
Photo: Sven Lindwall
 They describe "Baby Doll" as a happy song with full speed.
I don't know their genre but Susie Päivärinta is one of the writers so...

These are the 16 out of 32 Melodifestivalen entries. I just can't wait until we listen to the songs!


Schlagerboys said...

Oh no! We were hoping Euphoria would be another Something In Your Eyes. That description doesn't sound promising... Boo!

Rafa said...

Hope good/euphoric (go Loreen!) songs get to the final, I have not paid €500 to see "Tomas di Leva" for example hahaha.

One question: there's two songs with no singer/s known yet?

_alca_ said...

We don't know who will sing the song "Porslin" yet. I think that's the only thing we don't know. Tomorrow they will announce the rest artists. :)

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