Sunday, November 27, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2012 - Lundstedt's "Aldrig Aldrig": A ballad or an uptempo song?

Photo: Peter Knutson

Scandipop posted an interview of Andreas today. It's from last Monday when SVT announced the 16 first artists. Andreas described the song to scandipop as an uptempo. Now I'm really confused... Is it gonna be an uptempo or a ballad?

He also says that he'll release an album next summer or next autumn which means no Alcazar for at least another year! :( :( :(


Anonymous said...

i know its a ballad....
an album??? he's crazy! we wanna alcazar back!!!

Rafa said...

Hahahah, Alcazar needs a clean-up time but they should not lose their essnce: 80's/90's euro/discopop, that's what I love from them. Hope Andreas will be lucky in her semifinal, but I join your petition: WE WANNA ALCAZAR BACK!!!

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