Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back in Stockholm right on time!

Arrived in Stockholm on Monday but I was too busy to blog.
Haven't blog in a while... Well I got admitted in Linköping's University so I spent my entire day in Linköping yesterday. I went to see the uni. Amazing! Made many phone calls to find a place to stay and I'm quite close in renting an apartment in Norrköping. I'll be needing 40 minutes to go to Linköping every day but the good thing is that Linköping's University has a department in Norrköping so there is a bus going from one campus to the other and it's free for the students so living in Norrköping will be fine.

But now I am back in Stockholm during the Pride week! You know what this means? Remember my last post about it? Well since I have to be in Linköping on August 16th I had to come earlier to Sweden to find a place to stay. This is almost settled and now I will get to see Alcazar performing for the last time before their break! Mixed feelings... I'm sad because of their break but happy because I will see them once again. Haven't seen them since last December! And it's not only Alcazar! Annikafiore too! She's the only Alcazar (ex)member I haven't met! Well it's time I did this! And on Thursday is the schlager day! Aaww! Schlager!

So the schedule for now looks like this

Thursday - schlager day 
Friday - Annikafiore
Saturday - Alcazar

Well these are the highlights! If anything else comes up, I'll go for it. It's my 3rd day in Sweden and I still haven't gone round Stockholm. Well it's time!


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