Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ESC 2012 - Kate Ryan to make a comeback?

Kate Ryan said that if Belgian broadcaster VRT, approached her to represent Belgium, she would consider it and go for it again despite her dissapointing result in 2006 in Athens. Despite her poor result at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, the Belgian beauty has gone places since, thus achieving an international career which has both give her name and fame overseas as well as at home soil in Belgium.


We had Jedward’s comeback and now Kate Ryan's! Of course none of them are 100% confirmed but we hope... Well not for Jedward! :P I really think Kate should come back. "Je T’adore" is a great song and she totally deserved to be in the final that year. So she needs to come back for a revanche! Even if it's not in 2012 I hope to see her really soon! Fingers crossed for Kate Ryan! 

And as a member of the said, let's hope that Kate Ryan won't be the Kate Ryan of 2012! ;P


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