Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stockholm Pride 2011

I usually don't blog about Pride... What am I saying? Usually? lol I have my blog for one and a half years but ok there are a lot of Pride parades taking place many times a year in different places in the world. Anyway...

I've never been to a Pride parade and I want to go to Stockholm's Pride but I don't think I can make it. I always wanted to go to Stockholm's Pride. Why? MUSIC!! Every year there are so many artists performing there and I love most of them. There will be many more chances to go there in the following years but this one is the most important! Alcazar will perform for the last time as a group then they will take a break. :( I honestly have no idea where I'm gonna be on August 6th (the day Alcazar will perform). I'm waiting to see if my application to Linköping's university is accepted etc. Ah we'll see...

But here is the list of the artists who will be performing at Stockholm Pride 2011 taken by July's edition of the QX magazine (page 41 - in swedish).

Straight Up
Justin Utley
Linda Pritchard
Frida Selander
Crucified Barbara
Stalingrad Cowboys
Tantrum To Blind
Yo Majesty!
Punk Bunny
Camela Leierth
Ulrik Munther
Antony Callea
Adam Tyler
Christian Walz
Hanson, Carsson & Malmkvist
Pernilla Wahlgren
Sanna Nielsen
Arja Saijonmaa
Simon Forsberg
Bryan Rice
Now did you see all those names?! The schlager artists (and not only!)?! And I will probably miss that! -.-

Lucky all these people who will be there!
Happy Pride!


bec said...

Looking forward to seeing Alcazar and Justin Utley! (WOW he is good, and very good looking!!)

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