Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2014 - 2628 songs were sent to SVT

Reading a specific part of SVT's article made me laugh! "Quality before quantity. Just like last year"! Seriously? Looking back at 2013 makes me see that Melodifestivalen 2013 was the worst mello ever! Song-wise, that is. I can't find 5 songs that I'm still listening to! And we had 32!

This year they got themselves 2628 songs. How hard is to pick 32 decent to great songs? All I need is 31 schlagertastic songs and a great one to send to Copenhagen!

Oh and something I wanted to comment. The cities!

  • Semi 1: 1st February, Malmö, Malmö Arena
  • Semi 2: 8th February, Linköping, Cloetta Center
  • Semi 3: 15 February, Göteborg, Scandinavium
  • Semi 4: 22 February, Örnsköldsvik, Fjällräven Center
  • Andra chansen: 1st March, Lidköping, Sparbanken Lidköping Arena
  • Final: 8th March, Stockholm, Friends Arena 
2011: I live in Stockholm, Linköping hosts a semi
2012: I live in Linköping, no semi here
2013: I live in Linköping, no semi here
2014: I live in Linköping, Lkpg gets to host a mello semi!
So I'm going to one semi and the final this time. Which means I need money. Which means I can say goodbye to Copenhagen.
Donations anyone? Anyone?

And I wish they take the final back to Globen someday... That's where it belongs... 

PS There is lots of news about Eurovision. 3 countries picked their artists, we're going to Copenhagen etc but I won't comment on any of these. I'll try to keep up with everything from now on. 


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