Thursday, September 5, 2013

Israel 2000, Russia 2003, Finland 2013 - Was Putin behind the 2003 incident?

It’s time for some “conspiracy” (probably not the right word here) theories. I'm not into politics. Like, at all but these thoughts came because I watched the first semi-final of 2013 again. More specifically because of the serbian entry. 

That thing with Russia (well Putin) going all anti-gay, really anti-gay, made me think about t.A.T.u. and 2003. Remember how EBU was threatening to stop the broadcast if the girls tried to kiss on stage? Why? We already had a gay kiss between two guys back in 2000. Israel’s entry (at 1:15). It was a very brief kiss and definitely not a close-up but it happened. 2013 and Krista Siegfrids kissed her female backing vocalist. EBU had no problem in both cases. But they did have a problem in 2003? With the russian entry? I mean couldn’t Putin be behind this do-not-kiss-on-stage-or-we-will-stop-the-broadcast thing? Unless of course we (well you) already knew about this. I never read anything about Putin giving such “orders” to EBU in order to prevent t.A.T.u. from kissing and to be honest I didn’t do any research on the subject. And all that info I know about the russian entry in 2003 is stuff that I read on various websites either in 2003 or a couple of years later. My memory is kinda blurry since it was my 2nd ESC and it also was 10 years ago.

I mean why on earth would EBU have a problem with it in the first place? The majority of the eurofans are gay! So couldn’t the actual problem coming from Russia and Putin themselves and not really from the EBU? Like “I don’t want my country to present anything gay-ish to a European contest”. Thoughts anyone?

PS Yeah I think it's time to start blogging again.


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