Saturday, May 25, 2013

I met Pastora Soler!

(maybe I should reveal myself someday... maybe not. for now, here's the "proof" of the meeting. but then again I might have gotten these via mail... but no. we actually met)

As a decent eurofan with the favourite ESC country being Spain, I watch every year the spanish selection. Well ok, not every year. 2011 was the first time. 2011 was also the first time I saw Pastora (not in person of course). 11/2/2011 when she performed "La Mala Costumbre" in the semi-final of the spanish preselection. That's when I became a fan, a few months later I wrote this post (I have linked you back to this too many times) then in December 2011 TVE announces that Pastora will represent them in ESC 2012 and here we are, 24th May 2013 (yeah 25th at this moment). I met Pastora! One thing left now (even though meeting her was the biggest dream), watch her performing live. Someday...

So, how it all happened? I can't go into details but somewhere around last September or October I saw a post by Tony Sanchez Ohlsson that they'll be recording new songs with Pastora in Madrid, Milan and Stockholm. Stockholm! They came to Stockholm on Wednesday and I made a flash trip today and I met them. We talked for about 15 minutes and then they left for the studio. She's exactly as I thought she'd be. Extremely friendly and nice! I asked her if she'll ever come back to Eurovision. She said no. She loved the experience but she wouldn't do it again. Of course she said "you never know" (I mean she was also saying no before but she did it!) but for now she doesn't want to do it again. I don't blame her... 18th in the televoting, 5th in the juries, 10th place overall. The juries saved her. Only the juries...

Anyway, these recordings here in Stockholm are the last ones and then the album is complete. Release date, September 17th according to them. The date might change but that's what they told me today.

Strange, I'm reading the text again and I seem too calm. Well I am right now. But for about 3 hours before I met them I was so freakin' nervous! Couldn't eat, couldn't do anything. But as I said Pastora, Tony and Chelu (her brother) were (are!) so friendly so I forgot about everything when I saw them. Took photos, she signed the promo and the album and I asked her to record a message for a friend in Greece who wants to meet her. Stupid me. I gave the green light to Pastora before the camera started recording and I missed the "Hola Lina" -.- meh. I couldn't ask her to do it again so...

Yeah, I met Pastora Soler! :D Really really really happy but also tired (that's why there are no crazy and extatic lines).

A HUGE THANKS to Tony!! He knows... :)


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