Friday, May 17, 2013

ESC 2013 - Semi-final 2 results

Now this is a "I don't know where to start" moment! Just wow! Loved the opening act! And I wanted to comment that on the first semi's post but I forgot to do it. Love the graphics this year. And the "post cards". And for some reason I really like that sound right before the playback of each song begins. Also, the way they announce the results. No stupid buttons (2009), no stupid "are you excited? who's gonna be next?" and such stuff. Quick announcement without any unnecessary comments. Well done on that!

Now the results.


I predicted right 6/10 which is bad. Shocker of the night in a positive way, Hungary. Shockers of the night in a negative way, Armenia and Romania! What are these two doing in the final? Huge shock on non-qualification, Israel! I can't believe Israel is out! I got 7/10 from my wantlist and Israel and Switzerland were the 2 out of 4 that I really wanted in the final. Norway and Finland made it. But I have to admit I almost got a heart attack until Finlands announcement! 8th! But Krista made it! I'm also happy for Malta!

I was glad to see Lys Assia back and healthy! Petra was awesome as always! Lynda Woodruff too! What a character! Hahahaha That thing with Bonnie Tyler cracked me up! The interval act with Darin and Agnes was like watching Melodifestivalen. I only loved Agnes' "Release Me".

Finally, I wanna make a comment on the history that Krista wrote tonight! The kiss! She did it and not only we saw it, but it was also a close-up! I just couldn't believe it!
10 years ago EBU warned t.A.T.u. that they'll play the dress rehearsal video if they try to kiss during the live performance and today, Krista kissed her backing vocalist! Kudos to her for daring to do it. I've said before I'm not a big fan of the "use" of the kiss but I really don't mind seeing it. ;)

And I just saw that the running order for the final is revealed! Norway performs 24th! Between Italy and Georgia and Finland performs 4th between Moldova and Spain. So yay to both! Denmark's at 18 between Hungary and Iceland so it's good for them too. France will open the contest. huhu I won't comment the rest. I really need to go to bed!


Carlos Ibero said...

Hej, Ifi!
After seeing all the songs/shows, these are the ones that should not be in the final in my opinion: Armenia, Rumania, Malta, Moldova and Belarus. Instead they should be Cyprus, Austria, Latvia, and maybe Israel, (although I did not like her looks at all and the song was not that amazing to go out there like you go to your cousin's (jewish) wedding...) and Makedonia (it was the exotic/freedom for all thing of the night and not the lesbian kiss). Terribly dissapointed with Switzerland, although the song sounds ok on CD, the show was like a really bad "Glee" high school show, and the clothes and the people really naff... Latvia was the nice surprise of the night, because I do not like the song, but it was a great opener. And then San Marino was a downer.

I see this top ten in not sure which order yet:
Norway, Georgia, Azerbajan, Ireland, Russia, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, Italy, UK

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