Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ESC 2013 - Semi-final 1 Results


I didn't ask for much. I just wanted 4 countries in the final and I didn't really care about the rest. Only one made it. I got 8/10 (prediction) and 7/10 (wantlist). Those 3 that stayed out of the semi were my absolute favourites! Austria, sLOVEnia and Serbia. The 4th was Denmark. Well, in my overall top 10 Denmark is acutally higher than Serbia but whatever. Voted for Austria and sLOVEnia but... :/

The Netherlands

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania and Moldova please thank each other! And Belgium making it? Wow.

Pff... poor Natália and Hannah... I'm sad but since the 2011 thing with Dana these things don't affect me that much anymore...

Let's forget about the results for a while. The opening was good. I've seen it live in Melodifestivalen's final. Petra Mede was awesome! Even though I felt like she's trying too much to have a good english accent. I don't think she needs to do that. But she was awesome! The best hostess! Loved the video with the old entries! Lynda Woodruff! Simply amAYzyiiing! The interval act was boring. I wasn't really paying attention. And the australian video was also nice. I think that was all right?

Austria... :( sLOVEnia... :(


Carlos Ibero said...

Hej, Ifi!
It's obvious that we have different music tastes, I think Slovenia and Serbia were like really really bad... sorry. I'm sorry about Austria, because the song is really nice, but come on, what a "high school" staging. A bit more effort please? Denmark you know what I think, if it wins, it wont surprise me, but the song is already annoying!!! I got 8 out of 10, I thought/wantes Cyprus and Austria to go through. I think Belaruss and Moldova should not be there...! The rest I got it right! Belgium has a nice hit, but the guy was very nervous, has no charisma and the staging/dancing was strange to say the least... Russia was effective, but it like seeing Heidi/Disney... she's awful... Ukraine I do not get it, very fake everything, no feeling there... I really loved as a whole thing Estonia, Ireland, Cyprus and the guy from Lithuania... just for one night! The Nederlands, I do not get it yet, but I can see that it's different...
This is my prediction for Semi 2:
San Marino, Azerbaijan, Finland, Iceland, Hungary, Norway, Georgia, Switzerland, Albania and Greece.
The ones I like Norway, Georgia, Iceland and Hungary.

Ifi said...

Hola Carlos! :)

Well yeah, taste differs. It's ok. Unfortunately Slovenia is Slovenia. And in a semi like this, with all the neighbours together it's hard to compete against them. I think the song was great. Hannah had some problems with her vocals but I think it's a modern song and much better than others that made it thrgouh.

Poor Austria was overshadowed by Estonia. I never got the love for Estonia's song. I used to find it so forgettable. I started kinda liking it last weekend. Maybe because I saw her live. Who knows? I think Austria deserved a place in the final. I was fine by the staging but I think Natália could have made a stronger performance...

Cyprus! I knew they wouldn't make it but when I saw this live I got goosebumps. Despina was great! I think Cyprus had a solid performance! They did their best. I'd have loved to see them in the final.

I think Belarus and Lithuania shouldn't have made it. Moldova's song is great! I really love the melody! I think it deserved a spot in the final.

I'm glad about Ireland and the Netherlands. Anouk has a really unique song. I'm not a big fan of it but it's great for its kind. And it's time they made it to the final! So I'm happy for them.

About semi 2 I want definitely Norway, Finland, Israel and Switzerland! Again only 4 countries. Hopefully all of them will make it this time. But I also like Hungary.

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