Saturday, June 30, 2012

Annikafiore - Don't Wanna C U 2nite (Piol Remix) video release

Loaned from Dave
Sooo what do we have here? New remix and new video for Annikafiore's "Don't Wanna C U 2nite"! We loved (don't tell me you didn't!) the SoundFactory remix but now we have the Piol remix which is a more summer night/lounge version. Personally I love both! Keep the SoundFactory remix for dancing and keep the Piol remix for relaxing at nights!

The new video is just awesome! Watched it quite a few times and I had it on repeat for many more. There are two parts (so far) that I totally love and I have to say that I rewinded the video a few times just to rewatch those parts. xD The first one is at 1:02-1:05 and the second is at 2:49 and at 2:51 (you get it right? two WOW frames!). Gaah I just LOVE the video! Those scenes while Annikafiore is sitting on the bench are probably my favourite. I know, not much happening over there but I love the colors and the feeling. Oh and those drama-looks on the camera are so only-Annikafiore-can-do-it-like-this! Yeah you get it, I LOVE everything on that video! :D

This remix will be included on her new EP called "RECOVERED"! It's gonna be an EP with new remixes and listen to this: there will be two new versions of Alcazar's "Crying At The Discoteque"! I watched her performing CATD last August and recorded that performance (don't go searching on youtube, the video is still unlisted but when the EP comes out I'll make it public)! I have no idea if that version she performed back then is one of the two on the EP. What I know is that one of them will be the version she performed in May at the Alcazar reunion (still don't have that performance guys. I got no reply from the uploader). Anyway, read more about the EP here. It's Annikafiore's official blog!

Spread the news about the new remix people! :D


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