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Melodifestivalen 2013 - Robin Stjernberg won!

So yeah, I was supposed to blog last night but I was too tired. So many things I had to fix before I can start blogging. Photos, videos… And I know you're waiting for the phrase. Here it is: I don't know where to start! Nah, not really.

When I heard the songs of the 4th semi and especially after the end of the 4th semi I started regretting buying a ticket to the final. I still believe it was the worst Melodifestivalen we ever had. Even though I'm only familiar with the years after 2000. But if I had the chance to give the ticket back and take my money I wouldn't do it. The feeling of being inside the arena worth every single crown I paid. It's an amazing experience!

On my way to the arena
First of all I need to say that I feel really lucky that I got to be in two finals that were held in Globen! And to be honest I missed Globen… I love Globen. I can't really say why. I just love it! Everything about it. Especially the name (no I NEVER call it Ericsson Globe Arena!). Friends Arena is cool alright. It's huge. And I mean HUGE. They didn't use the entire arena. It would be impossible to see the stage had they used all the space. I don't know but I think Melodifestivalen's final belongs to Globen. But I don't think we're going back there. Like, ever.

Inside the arena
In position!
Dååå kör viiiiii! I liked the opening act! Previous hosts of the ESC and Petra Mede! Pretty good! 

Ulrik Munther - I liked him. I mean I had seen him in Malmö's first general rehearsal so it wasn't the first time I heard his song in an arena.

David Lindgren - Yeah, the hype stopped already from the second semi. And then comes Christer Björkman and gives spot number 2 to David! This is the cursed one! No wonder why David was last in the televoting! I was really surprised! I didn't expect him high in the final but definitely not last in the televoting! He was really good though...

State of Drama - I was expecting them to finish last. Not because they have a bad song but because they're so forgettable. It's something we've heard many times before. Yeah we've heard David's song before. But I mean all the other artists had something! Some of them returned to mello and others had that something. I was close about their final place. 9th.

Anton Ewald - I hate his pants! I really do! There, I had to say this! The song grew on me a lot so I really enjoyed it. The cheerings for Anton inside the arena were hysterical...

And somewhere at this point my parents called me! I mean SERIOUSLY?? They're doing it on purpose! They called me 10 minutes before the DMGP's final and 15 minutes before the 4th semi in Malmö asking me to video-call them in Skype! And yesterday they called me while I was IN the arena! SERIOUSLY?? Respect to the eurofan please!
Getting ready for Louise
Louise Hoffsten - The only woman in this mello final! All I'm gonna say here is that her song is definitely one of my favourite in this Melodifestivalen! I would be totally fine if she was the winner! It was pretty great when she was on stage.

Ralf Gyllenhammar - Many people in the ESC forums wanted him as the winner. Me? I don't know. His song is not my cup of tea but I didn't mind listening to it in the arena...

Ravaillacz - They got what they deserved. Although, not really. They shouldn't have even been in the final! The song is horrible. And I'll say it again, it's far from "en riktig jävla schlager"! Light-years away!

Sean Banan - I still dislike him. I still find him disgusting. There was no way he'd win. But yeah. Inside the arena everything is enjoyable! And so was his show. Song's melody isn't original. It's catchy and sticks in your head but it's not something we haven't heard before. People say it's "Dragostea Din Tei". I say "Can-Can".

Robin Stjernberg - Thank you Sweden! When I first heard the song, I said that his voice annoys me. It was ok in Malmö's rehearsal. Even better in andra chansen and now it's totally fine! It doesn't annoy me at all! The same happened with Salem al Fakir in 2010! The song? I liked it from the beginning (now I totally love it!) and in this final, it was the best choice for me! I'm so glad that Sweden sends a decent entry! He just needs to work on his vocals! It's a difficult song and he needs to be perfect! Especially for the juries!

It took me a while to realise that those two sitting in front of me were YOHIO's fans...
YOHIO - I'm so glad he didn't win! Well technically he did win. He won the televoting. But just for that night, thank God we had the juries! I don't like his song. And I don't like him. Not because he's different. I don't like his "attitude". He is so full of himself because he's the only one in Sweden doing something like this. Oh and I totally hated the way he ended his song! My ears! 

Lynda Woodruff! That accent! That voice! I LOVE Sarah Dawn Finer!! "The home of the eurOWvision song contest 2013!" Hahahahahaha 

Then came Loreen! That version of "Euphoria" was amazing! And it was so Loreen! I got serious goosebumps when she got on stage! It brought back the 2012 memories in Globen!                 

One question. Why did Gina present the ukrainian votes again? Hm... 


Yup. Carola! Carola Häggkvist! You can say whatever you want about her as a person. I will even agree about all the stuff you're gonna say when it comes to her relationship with God and religion. I believe in God (most of the times. I won't discuss that topic though) but she should keep all this to herself. She's a public figure but that doesn't mean she has to "promote" God like this coz honestly, most of the times she comes across as crazy. BUT, Carola the artist... That Carola, I love! And I loved her performance even though her vocals weren't perfect. I liked the remix of "Främling" but I was expecting to hear the original version. No matter what, I got to see Carola in such a big arena! And this moment was magical! We "rehearsed" this part a few minutes before the live began and even without Carola it felt amazing. Imagine singing along with her! 

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier SVT
Yes. Results! It's old news that Robin won but the (tele)voting was a nail-biting moment! Especially when it was between Anton, Robin and YOHIO. That's when I was scared that YOHIO was going to win! Robin got the 75 points, he had a total of 166 and I immediately started making calculations in my head trying to figure out if YOHIO's points are enough to top Robin's. What calculations? At that point we didn't know how many points YOHIO was supposed to get. I didn't have the time to count the points that were already given in order to find out how many had left to be given from the 473. But as soon as Gina said it's 103 points (plus the 30 he had from the jury voting) I jumped off my chair (again!)! Robin won! My favourite won! Second year in a row! And then it hit me. Robin is the first Melodifestivalen winner that made it to the final via andra chansen! 
Reprise of "You" and the cameras went off. But it's not over for me. Yet. I stayed in the arena. I always do that until the security personnel ask us to leave. I went to the catwalk. Just to see it. And in a few seconds I saw Loreen passing by right in front of me! I stopped her to ask for a photo. She didn't say no. Damn she is so thankful! I don't even know how many times she said "thank you", "take care" and stuff like that. Of course by that point there were many people around her. Especially kids. Loreen was with one of her people. She told him to let her know when she had to leave (she would give an interview with Robin for SVT's "Eftersnack") because she wanted to stay there and take photos with the kids! 


Haters, hate her as much as you want. You won't change the fact that she's an amazing person!

Then I saw Edward af Sillén. The man behind the scripts of Melodifestivalen and most likely, Eurovision 2013! Then the security "kicked us out". lol 

You know, when they announced that the final would be held in Friends Arena I was like "oh no! where are they gonna have the efterfest?". It wasn't difficult to find the entrance. Right next to the door that I entered the building earlier. But seriously Mr Weather. All week the temperature was above zero but no! On Saturday it had to be -8! -.- I froze to death (once again!) But I saw a lot of artists. Got a photo with Camilla Henemark (La Camilla of Army of Lovers), the father of schlager Thomas G:son, Nanne (and one of her friends who didn't step aside LOL) and Alcazar's Tess! Tess told me that Andreas wasn't coming. I knew that. He was in Gävle (gotta love instagram! xD). But neither was Lina. :( 

Many other artists walked by but I didn't really care. Under other circumstances (temperature!) I would have asked for a photo but I was freezing. I was waiting for Carola. Nope, I didn't see her. 2 and a half years in Sweden and I still haven't met her! -.- :P I couldn't wait any longer. I couldn't feel anything. So I left. A few hundred meters from the arena I ran into 3 of the Timoteij girls. Or they ran into me. Actually one of them almost ran over me! And she did it in a way "hey! look who you're crossing paths with! I'm a Timoteij girl". Yeah yeah I know who you are (I actaully saw who she was just because she almost blocked my way) but I-am-freezing-and-I-wanna-go-home. 

Oh! I almost forgot. Ok I didn't, I just wanted to tell you about this in the end. Lena Philipsson's fans are probably gonna hate me but I don't care. It's their idol's fault. I met Lena in 2011. Right after the mello final in Globen. And I was pretty shocked to see her right in front of me coz she kinda was "the wrong time in the wrong place". I asked her to take a photo. She said yes but she was like "oh come on hurry up! I don't have all day! get over with it!". Really grumpy. Last night I saw her again and asked for a photo. She had the exact same attitude! She just looked at me without saying anything. She turned around to "look for her friend", she told her something and then she just left! Like I never talked to her! She totally snubbed me! And then they call Carola a diva. Yeah I didn't meet her, but when and if I ever meet her I'd be the first to admit that she is one. That is, if she actually acts like a diva. But for now, congratulations Lena Ph for making it to the top of the Divas list! I will keep listening to her mello songs (and not only) but as a person she gets a big X! And I'm not saying all this just to badmouth her or because I didn't take a photo with her. As I said, I already have a photo with her. I just ignore people I don't like. Besides, if I didn't like her, I wouldn't even ask for a photo. 

So, Melodifestivalen 2013 is officially over! 

The leftovers...
 See you next year and good luck to Robin!

PS1 I keep writing "yesterday" but it's actually 3:30am, on March 11th... Oh well. xD
PS2 No mello next Saturday and the only thing I'm glad for is that we won't get to see Danny looking at the script instead of the camera all night long.


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