Friday, September 21, 2012

In thinking mode...


Did I tell you I will NEVER find a proper blog title? I've been sitting one hour every day (literally) thinking about it and I can't find anything! All I know is that I want a one-word title but that word would be a combo of two words which when combined will make sense but you won't find the "new" word in a dictionary! Example: scandipop. You can't find it in a dictionary but you know what we're talking about: scandinavian pop! It has to be unique!

I was supposed to fix all that during summer but I couldn't sit and work on the blog. I was home!

There are so many things I want to do with my blog and it looks like they won't be done soon. At least I made a progress on paper. I've noted so many things I want to do. New pages, features, the layout... I really need a new template. I have some ideas in mind. Actually many ideas and I have to pick one or at least a couple of them combined. Otherwise it will look like a mess. But I'm thinking of making it myself which means I need to study a lot about C.S.S., lots of PhotoShop tutorials and stuff like that. Summer was the best period to do that since I had no classes and stuff but now... Now it looks like we'll spend the next ESC season with this layout.

But the work can't begin if I don't find a title! Unfortunately I can't change the blog address. Actually I can but when someone will try to access they will get a message of the page not existing any more and not the new address which means I will lose lots of you guys. But as I said I need a title so I can find the right "theme" for the new layout/template, favicon and all that. A new blog identity I could say.

I just hope the thing they say about Geminis is not true. But I think it is. We start something and we never finish it. I've done this so many times but I really wanna do this! :/


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