Thursday, March 13, 2014

Melodifestivalen 2014 - Sanna Nielsen won!

The problem when I delay these posts is that I forget what I wanted to write about. Up until last year I was blogging as soon as the semis and the final were over. But not this year. So many things happened this year that I kinda abandoned the blog. But here I am, 5 days after the final.

Sanna did it! 7th time's the charm in her case! Her dream finally came true! She will represent Sweden in Copenhagen! And I'm so happy for her! Even happier coz she won mello with only 2 points above Ace Wilder! Thank God! 3 more points for Ace and we would have the worst Swedish entry ever! I have no problem with Ace. I don't even know her. But I hate her song.

So, Sanna first, Ace second and my Alcazar finished 3rd! Both in juries and televoting! So proud for them! :') And that top 3 got actually the biggest response in the arena! The audience went crazy during and right after Alcazar's performance! It was insane! They also cheered for them during the voting numbers' announcement. And that happened only during Alcazar's and Ace's numbers! However I knew that Sanna was going to win as soon as she stepped on Friends' stage. The second the playback kicked in the audience started cheering. It was too obvious she'd win. In the televoting at least.

And then we have Helena Paparizou who finished 4th! Amazing Helena! I saw her after the final and she was so happy. Her comeback in Sweden was great. And now we wait for the album on March 26th.

About the rest of the acts, I don't really care. I'm just happy that Yohio did so bad. He should change that "I'm a star" attitude. I was waiting at the after party entrance (as always) for the artists and Yohio arrived with about 10 others who made a circle around him so that nobody would go near him. Such a diva! Honey, you're nobody so stop acting like you are.

And then we also have Anton Ewald who came last both in juries and televoting! Hahaha! Sooo happy about that! Even happier coz Sanna won. That "do people want a popstar (refering to himself) or a Sanna Nielsen?" ate him alive! And after the final he blamed the media for his last place! LOL

Unfortunately I didn't get to see Alcazar after the final. I went behind the green room after the final was over and when they were done with the interviews, Tess saw me and screamed a "Heeeey Ifiiiiiii!" on her way out. At least they knew I was there to cheer for them haha. Ah an EP is on its way so I will have chances to see them somewhere. And they should definitely keep coming back to Melodifestivalen. If Sanna could do it so can them!

The rest of the night was good. I liked the opening and interval acts but really there's nothing more to say. Only that the final needs to return to Globen. Asap.

So, Sweden 12 points! :D


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