Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ESC 2012 - Spain: Pastora Soler to ESC! Confirmed!

Oh my God!!! I don't know where to start!! Seriously! EXTATIC!!! :D Pastora Soler will represent Spain to ESC next May in Baku!!!! Remember my previous posts about her? My perfect choice! I had hopes since she performed last February in the spanish NF but then in some interviews she said "no". But yesterday she wrote in one of her tweets that today would be a special day. She also deleted some old tweets saying she doesn't want to represent Spain! But she's here now! :D :D :D So freakin' glad that she changed her mind!!!

It was an internal selection by RTVE. The BEST move they did in YEARS! Finally! And I'm almost sure that's why Pastora said "yes". Internal selection! Oh God! I am still smiling!

Needless to say that Spain is my winner right? No matter what Pastora will sing! And that's because I love ALL of her songs! I'm sure she won't let me down. And for the first time since 2008 I am glad we have the juries. Pastora will get a great boost! But let's kick the juries out next year ok? xD

Right now I have totally forgotten about Melodifestivalen! Andreas Lundstedt and Afro-Dite! Sorry my loves but it's Soler we're talking about! :P If either of them makes it to Baku (unfortunately too good to happen) I will root for them. But now PASTORA SOLER people!! :D

Madrid 2013! ;D


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